Ted Flynn, R.I.P.

This post is to morn the loss of Ted Flynn, longtime friend of all things thursday club, Cleveland, and weird.  Very much embodying everything all that is the essence of the local DIY avant esthetic.  He will be missed on so many levels.  Initial memories of him come in the form of channeling Jimi Hendrix on top of a table during a Puffy Areolas set at  Bela Dubby for a Krauty McKraut birthday party, and his mind-blowing self-playing electro-acoustic viola  installation piece at an All Go Signs event some years ago.  I have witnessed a mere portion of his life’s worth, but hopefully archives  exist out there to serve his body of work justice, and here’s to much hope that they are to be discovered in the future.  I dug up a cd he gave me that was never released.  It was under the guise of ‘art fag’ and called “dirt hotdog.”  I have uploaded a couple of tracks from this disc and will try and upload the rest of it.  Until we meet again, Ted…

“blues for nevember pt. 1”

“the breaks”

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