partial discog…more coming soon…when i can remember the releases…please email me if you have something that is not listed here:



these are all self released cd-r’s unless otherwise specified



“mood music” cd-r

the(mislabeled) track “ingenious” appears on the tusco/embassy christmas 2012 compilation cassette


“thursday club planet” cd-r


I miss Thursday Club (C60)

split C20 w/ Moth Cock (tusco embassy)

Split C32 w/ Fragments (arable co-release)


the thursday club track, ‘executive staff’ appears on the ‘witchbeam 5 year compilation’ cassette-also available online HERE

read about it HERE AT WITCHBEAM

“the 47 minute challenge” VHS

“another cd-r” cd-r(obviously)


“4 x 2”
“Thursday Klub Klassix vol. 1”
“i certainly never thought i’d have another greatest hits record” (cd-r, SKSK)
“something old, something new”
“same shit different day”


“two live jams”
“part 68”
Armenia+Thursday Club “final mix” (bizarre audio arts)


“live: at the edge art gallery” (3″ CD-r …limited to ten)
“some hot tub cd that i cant remember the name of or what was on it”(not the title)
“part 40! 1/25/04”

“part 38”
“Part 33: live on press the button 12-15-03, hour 2”
“Part 22: special edition”
“i never thought i’d have a greatest hits record”
“three things at once”


“Part 34: live on wcsb’s noize rotation”

Part 29 12-3+4-03

“Part 22 9/21/03”

“Part 7 11/7/02” -super duper limited-handed out @ sonic youth shows in floppys


Thursday Club Compilation/Miscellaneous Appearances:

the Witchbeam Five Year Retrospective Compilation

*the land of buried treasure CD: “East 36th and Celebrity Weather Report” (released 2007 tower control)

CLEVELAND AND ROCKY RIVER 11/11/2006′ , released 2006 on SKSK

the track “awesome song” appears on the compilation: Hits below the rust belt-released by coffee-hut records.


bryan also appears on:

Bryan DeTrow “o.e.” C32 (2009)

SKSKC024 Bryan DeTrow and Wyatt Howland ‘A Febrile Nightmare’ cdr released on SKSK


skin graft “soft police murder” released by wagon in 2006


ryan also appears on:

colorforms “self titled” cd, 2005 (beat box, tapes + FX)

ethereal transmission “the griffin cries” 2005 internet-release (scratches)

SKSKC035 Jack Smiley / Wyatt Howland / Ryan Kuehn ‘No Memory’ cdr, 2007

Howland/Russell/Kuehn / cd-r/tape released by a soundesign recording, 2007

The Reel Deel “marked for death” C20, 2008 deception island



DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE: (amanda davidson, jguy laughlin jr, ryan kuehn, wyatt howland, bryan detrow)

1)DELIBERATION cassette SKSKC001 spring 2004 20 copies (ad+wh with james butters, mike butters)

2)RESOLUTION C90/cdr SKSKC006 january 2005� 50 copies (ad+wh+rk+bd+ jon thomas, jeff curtis, kat stewart)

3)STARK TECH cdr SKSKC011 summer 2005 30 copies (ad+wh)

4)LONG PIG cdr SKSKC014 july 2006 100 copies (ad+wh+rk+bd with kyle tremblay, kat stewart)

5)HORRIBLE NOISE 5/26/06 cdr SKSKC016 may 2006 20 copies (ad+wh+rk+bd)

6)BURNING BUILDING cdr SKSKC033 spring 2007 100 copies (ad+wh+rk+jljr with nate scheible, c randolph c)

7)ANIMAL NO LIE split w/NOXIOUS CONSENSUS and BEGGING PRIEST recycled cassette released by DREED SQUAP INTENTIONAL DADA in an edition of 15, january 2009 (AD+JL+RK+WH)

8)DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE c20 on TUSCO EMBASSY RECORDS march 2009 40 copies (ad+jl+rk+wh)

9)THE KING OF METAL 2xC60 SKSK/EVERYONE ELSE HAS A RECORD LABEL SO WHY CAN’T I? july 2009 100 copies (ad+rk+jl+wh)

10)CLEVELAND SKUM SKULLS c42 january 2010 PIZZA NIGHT 60 copies (ad+wh+rk+jl+ben osbourne)

11)CHRIST cd-r� april 2010

12)FREEDOM FIGHTERS cd-r� may 2010

13)”LETHAL ENFORCERS”-Fascist Insect split on Asoundesign� march 2011


comp tracks:
‘Live @ ECC’ and ‘DPI’ on ‘HITS BELOW THE RUST BELT’ COFFEEHUT RECORDS cdr compilation december 2005 (ad+rk+wh+bd)

‘UNTITLED’ track on ‘ASR ARCHIVE SELECTIONS 2003-2009′ A SOUNDESIGN RECORDING january 2010 30 copies (wh+rk+david russell)


pedalphile disco:


“life is a buzzkill” cd-r
“noise guys finish last” cd-r (SKSK)
“live…but only on the outside” cd-r (mistake by the lake)
“rather ripped” cassette (wagon)


“music for autoerotic asphyxiation” cd-r


“new world order” cd-r


dr quinn, medicine woman


“land o’ lakes” C30 (archivo de sangre de dios)

track “not my synth” appears on Tusco Embassy christmas tape 2008


Wolfenstein 3-D�� C36 (pizza night)

C30 split with Skin Graft+Temple Fugate� (arable tapes)

The red curry fury C 32 (fairchild tapes)

Night Moves C 30 (arable tapes)

track ‘infomercial’ appears on the witchbeam ‘dark barbarians vol. 1″ compilation on temple of pei


“glamorous” C60

“Live Through This” live cd-r

“bayyinah!” C30

“Cosby, Stills, Nash, Nash, Nash, and Young” cd-r

“space cake” mini cd-r

“red flags” cd-r


“malt liquor” / A.C. split C 54 on HERMITAGE TAPES

“tubular bells” 1 sided C65� uggh 5copies??

track “put on MADtv’ appears on the ‘BRAINS ON BACKWASH II: EXILE ON BRAIN STREET’ compilation on 905 tapes


Begging Priest/Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman split C30

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “Space Cake II” 3 inch cd-r

Dr. Quinn/jason rodriguez+david russell split c30 on Asoundesign

“Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” C30 on Deception Island

mole people “approachability” /dr quinn “duran” split on tolmie terrapin press

“the moles emerge with noizy tales of escape, surfacing, fear and meeting new people…get your knife out. / dr.quinn spins a magic drippy web of keys, bleeps, pulsating oceans of static and chewed up bones.”


“What Happened?” C60

“the dr is in ” C60

“electric independence/retro musk” C60


upcoming :

pedalphile “Wigger” C30 for wagon

pedalphile “the eternal” C46

Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman “the complete season one” double disc cd-r

dr quinn / field of hats split C30


Hot Air Balloon Ride disco:


“milton bradley board game night” (unreleased)
“too” cassette (wagon)
“oktoberfest” cassette (deception island)


“bundle of laughs” cassette

Everyone Else Has a Record Label So Why Can’t I?


“take it on the other side” bizcard (EEHARLSWCI?)


“alternablast vol 1” cd-r


1 PEDALPHILE-life is a buzzkill cd-r
2 THURSDAY CLUB-thursday klub klassix vol. 1 cd-r
3 THURSDAY CLUB-4 x 2 cd-r
4 xmas with jesus kills cd-r
5 PEDALPHILE-music for autoerotic asphyxiation cd-r

6 THURSDAY CLUB-another cd r

7 THURSDAY CLUB-47 minute challenge VHS

8 HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE-bundle of laughs C61

9 some guy C60

10 NATE SCHEIBLE/J GUY LAUGHLIN JR-shy guy sessions 3″cd-r (split release w/ SKSK)

11 One man’s Trash..volume 1��� C94

12 raymond and peter bootleg

13 kathy mcginty bootleg

14 i miss Thursday Club C60

15 Bryan DeTrow “o.e.” C32

16� EBNC ‘flogging a dead format’ C42

17 Wolf Eyes “live in Cleveland” CD R

18 glacial23-DIY volume 1: signal receptor

19� Skin Graft “clinic” Bizcard

20 Andrew Kirschner “i drank the wine” Bizcard

21 David Russell “plastic delirium”� Bizcard

22 mark mcguire “stranger than paradise” bizcard

23 fragments ‘synthetic spremulli’ DVD r

24 nate scheible� “quinine and lye” biz card

25 bee mask “prelude and first enormous peacock” biz card

26 jeff host “supermarket filter sweep”� biz card

27 christopher riggs “you’re the most incredible person i ever met” biz card

28 moth cock live at kent stage and turnup records C46

29 pedalphile-new world order cd-r

30 dead peasant insurance-the king of metal 2 X C60///split release w/ SKSK

31 Jesus Jams Mixtape

32 ben billington ’embers’ bizcard

33 josh burke ’empty channels’ bizcard

34 Fragments/Thursday Club Split C32///split release w/ arable

35 corpsepimper ‘800 degree 80s synths’ bizcard

36 temple fugate ‘what’s so horrible about being dead forever?’ bizcard

37 bbob and j guy ‘regeneration’ cd-r

38 Man Francisco presents ‘a lesson in Reaganomics’ C93

39 Hot Air Balloon Ride “take it on the other side” bizcard

40 Nyodene D ‘dedicated to jeffrey lundgren’ bizcard

41 Moth Cock/Men’s Bath House split C30

42 Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman “Land O’ Lakes” C30 bootleg

43 Dead Peasant Insurance “christ” cd-r (100 copies)

44 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “glamorous” C60� (63 copies)

45 Alice in Chains “check my brain” 3.5 inch hard disk (5 copies)

46 Dead Peasant Insurance “freedom fighters” cd-r

47 Spacedog-pine mayhem bizcard

48 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “live through this” cd-r

49 Hot Air Balloon Ride- “alternablast vol. 1” cd-r

50 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “Bayyinah!” C30

51 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “Cosby Stills Nash Nash Nash and Young” cd-r

52 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “space cake” 3 inch cd-r

53 Jerk “helicopter on glass” bizcard

54 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “red flags” cd-r

55 fluxmonkey “sorry jack” C20

56 Khaki Blazer “solid spit” bizcard


58 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “tubular bells” 1 sided C65

59 Begging Priest/Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman split C30

60 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “Space Cake II” 3 inch cd-r

61 Thursday Club – “Thursday Club Planet” Cd-r

62 “some guy”�� In Utero 1 sided C65

63 Outer Space� – “egotrip” bizcard

64 Kyle Farrell/Nate Scheible “roomers” C39

65 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “What Happened?” C60

66 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “The Dr Is In” C60

67 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman “electric independence/retro musk” C60

68 Thursday Club “mood music” cd-r

#69 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman*   The Neverending Story ‎(CDr)                    2013

#71   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman*   The Digitalian ‎(CDr)                   2014

#72                             Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman*   Synthecide ‎(Cass, C30)              2014

#74                            Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman*   Adventures Of Super Noise ‎(Cass, C30)                 2015

#75                          Thursday club/fluxmonkey 2015

#76       Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman      Music For Gambling ‎(Cass)

Khaki blazer

Dpi clocks in the forest

Quinnertronics  79

80 dr quinn -pauls boutique

Steel dangerous 2016  81

#82      Dr. Quinn – Dots and loops

#83      Dr. Quinn – Zeb    2017

#84     Dr. Quinn – That doggone EP

#85    One mans trash vol 2     found sound compilation

#86   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman – Greatest hits USA

#87  Dr. Quinn – Hellfire

#88 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman – quinnertronics: The last jedi 2018

#89 Dr. Quinn Timeless, Ageless

#90  Jesus Jams vol 2

#91  Dr. Quinn – Tubular Bells II

#92  dr quinn – wings on the pig

#93 the best of ?

#94 dr quinn medicine woman – journey to the center of the octatrack

#95 dr quinn reads

#96  hot air balloon ride – alternablast vol 2

#97 dr quinn “general MIDI”

#98 dr quinn “2012”

#99 dr quinn “Clancy”

#100 Dead Peasant Insurance “Unamerican Band”



Dr. Quinn and the Silver Bullet band “live bullet” cd-r

thursday club/torturing nurse split� 7 inch

dead peasant insurance “fucked up” and “unamerican band cd-r’s and a live split tape w/ hair police

dr quinn, medicine woman-“the complete season one” 2xcd-r

bizcards from� synaptic foliage, SL Makita , fellahean, sam goldberg� AND MANY MORE

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