upcoming shows:    

Voice of the valley 10. Pentress, West Virginia. Aug 9, 2018



7/21/18 VoV Fest Fest

part 135 1/19/13@happy dog w/ fragments/giant claw/black unicorn

part 134 @ the black cat factory 12/13/12 w/ fire death/fluxmonkey

part 133 – rcncave in akron

part 132 – mahalls 11 5 12

part 131 black cat factory 10/17/12

part 130 – ingenuity fest 2012

part 128 VOV 2012

part 126 – mahalls 7 18 12

part 125 – boo box 5 30 12

part 124 now thats class 4 17 12

part 123 3 30 12 bela dubby

2/2/12@bela dubby, part 120 w/ skin graft, compromised position, cunting daughters, mailbomb solution

12/31/11@ anj’s rockin new years eve party in youngstown- part 119 w/ ???

12/27/11@ now thats class- part 118 w/ joey molinaro,  lucio menegon, drake/scheible/henry trio, dodecazurvan 7 karl vorndran

7/22/2011@ stare w/ yr ears 3 w/ swabinchen/rabbid bat sabbath/narwalz tastes like bacon/ jason rodriguez


part 116� 7/2/11� @ deejfest 5 w/


disintegrating mind ( andrew coltrane )

shadows ( wu tang cover set+bedroom intruder� ) *****WARNING****EXPLICIT LYRICS*****

stark tech

thursday club

ghostpussy-�avoid unscrupulous noise acts�

fascist insect


rabbid bat sabbath

tom orange

part 115 @ bela dubby 6/29/11


part 114 @ bela dubby 2/5/11�� w/ field of hats, glacial 23, colorforms, highly functioning kult

part 113 @ 1/30/11 @ 71st door :


part 111� 1/1/11 @ 71st door�� w/ jason soliday, Peter J. Woods, Instinct Control

Part 110 (reunion gig#2)� august 15, 2009 @ Voice of the Valley 2009 in pentress West Virginia w/ (minus a few drop offs)

Northampton Wools � Laundry Room Squelchers � Shawn Greenlee � Emeralds � Aaron Dilloway � Carlos Giffoni � Telecult Powers � Lambsbread � Uneven Universe � Nautical Almanac � Jason Zeh � Leslie Keffer � Andrew Coltrane � Sick Llama � Sword Heaven � Ryan Jewel � Max Eisenberg � Noise Nomads � Bee Mask � Skin Graft � Social Junk � Infinty Window � God Willing � Unicorn Hardon � Lazy Magnet � Superior Human Vomit � Taiwan Death � Lexie Mountain Boys � Ladyland in Flames � Paid in Puke � Silvum � Denter Block Buster � Puffy Areolas � Twilight Memories of the Three Suns � Child Bride � Teeth Mountain � Sewn Leather � Narwhalz � Fluxmonkey and J. Guy � Fragments � Andrew Kirschner � Wether � Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan � Sam Goldberg � Tiger Hatchery � Jeff Host � Moth Cock � Earth Crown � Kristmas � Piles � Nmog Rungki � Mulan Serrico � Thursday Club � Sky Limousine � Face Worker � Biff Boff Barf � Human Hands � Ginger Fetus � Pussy Control � Terrors � Hunted Creatures � Tusk Lord � Rot Ton Bone

Part 109(REUNION GIG#1) august 13, 2009 @ grog shop 2009 w/ halflings,� peaking lights, face worker

Part 108(last show?) 7/27/8 @ grog shop w/ locrian, skin graft, david russell, j guy laughlin jr, sam goldberg, outer space

part 107 5/31/08@the howlands in canton w/ emeralds, black wolf, relentless corpse, dead peasant insurance

part 106 5/28/08@verlie’s cafe w/ tony void, frass accolades

PART 102: bela dubby-3/19/08 w/ ben billington/jeff host/wyatt howland trio, andrew kirschner, FOSTER CHILDREN FROM CANADIAN HOUSEHOLDS, sam goldberg

pART 101:

tuesday, feb 12, 2008@ the grog shop in coventry

thursday club

steve Hauschildt (emeralds)

DJ aaron dilloway

bee mask


part 100! new years eve/day 2008@ brian’s apartment. we had an audience of 3 or something…

12/5/7 @ bela dubby w/ relentless corpse f/ david russell and we also did a collab w/ j guy. this was part 99…..

11/30/7 part 98 @ cafe bourbon street in columbus. this was the first night of the ohio experimental fest . also played: sword heaven, mckenzie/yeh duo, puffy areolas, foreign soil, swamp leather


august 2007 w/ ryan jewell, giants of gender, JS Makkos. part 96

6/29/07@pats (part 95)in the flats w/9 volt haunted house, dead peasant insurance, and a band from cincy i cant think of right now….

08/18/2006 09:00 PM – the tower 2012 [Edit] [Cancel]

01/26/2007 09:00 PM – Bella Dubby [Edit] [Cancel]

02/06/2007 09:00 PM – Diamond Shiners [Edit] [Cancel]

Part 89 November, 15 2006 at mocha dreams with Thursday Club, Gay Robot Lemonade, Washer, and Jake @ Mocha Dreams Arabica 20672 center ridge road Rocky River, OH 44116 8pm Free show

Part 88 August 18/2006 Piasa/Alan George Ledergerber/R-17/wyatt howland+Chriss++@ the tower 2012

January, 25 2006 at beachland tavern 15711 Waterloo Rd, cleveland, OH 44110 Cost: $5-$4 w/ can of food thursday club the black holes gabe schray(from houseguest-solo set) January 25 9 PM $5 $4 with canned goods. The Black Holes are from Tremont and have guitarist Timothy Fry, who will be doing a West Coast tour in Feb. Tim cab be compared anywhere to songwriters: Syd Barrett, (Pink Floyd) for Tim’s stream of consciousness soul ravings, to soul searing lyric like Neil Young (Buffalo Springfield, Crazy Horse,)like To Lou Reed and Paul Simon vocally Gabe Schray is bassist for Houseguest, and will be rocking with guitars and bass while playing drums. He’s bonker. BRING A CANNED GOOD AND GET A BUCK OFF YER COVER! IT’S A FOOD NOT BOMBS TYPE THING.

January, 20 2006 at Inside/Outside Gallery 2688 w 14th, cleveland, OH 44101 Cost: $3-5???? __________________________________________ Piasa(evil noises from washington DC) The Quicken Loans Noise Band(steam drapula and perpetual amnesia) Thursday Club (Give enough keyboards to enough monkeys and they will compose mozart) Henry James(extra fancy)………….we didnt play this show because of “power issues”….although everyone else did.
Saturday, August 6th@ Cleveland IS Dying…1st SHOW! Lorain + W. 93rd Cleveland Realicide(from Cincy) Thursday Club Black Tiger(R.A. Washington from vernacular, beachland, etc.) hot hot hot…or somethin

THE RECORD EXCHANGE PLAYed our first “outside” gig MAY 8th @ PATS IN THE FLATS…..9PM w/Chris Bober, Rise And Shine, CATorAXE? +The Family Riot

Part 78-the lab. {volume 1} the first in a series of collaborative multi-sensory events featuring cutting edge art/artists @ bside liquor lounge saturday, april 23 Art … Sculptural Lighting Installations by Isaac Coblentz Dj ing by danny mcLeod Live Music by … dot. , Akron, OH (ARTpop) bells for aida, Nashville, TN (ambient) Thursday Club, Cleveland, OH (experimental electronic duo) Dancing by .. Hareem Sha’reem belly dancing troupe Part

77-3/26/05 Part 76-3/19/05 Part 75-Wed-3/15/05 Part 74-2/19/04 on CSB

Part 73 @ capsule open mic- 1/10/05 Part 72 On WCSB-1/8/05 part 71 @ capsule open mic-1/3/05
part 70 on WCSB-1/1/05-new years club part 3!!!!

november 21st @ the Hi Fi w/ DEAD HOUSE CLUB Johnny La Rock + mush mouth Subroc the electric grandmother Zone Music inc.

Saturday, Dec. 18th @ the tower(8610 madison) 9 volt haunted houseclub of thursday fluxmonkey a nite of nonsense ….

Part 69 No Cleveland Round 3 December 9th@ pats Black Cabbage dead peasant insurance I sing the body electric us

Part 67,11/16/04 @ brians house…our first acoustic piano/guitar combo + our first dual piano combo. not a show , just one for the records

part 66 11/11/04@ pats-No cleveland 2. w/ i sing the body electric, black cabbage, dead peasant insurance.

part 64 tues. Oct. 12th-Ryans Birthday! @ pats in the flats w/ johnny la rock and mush mouth, subroc + dead peasant insurance

Wednesday, Part 65 Thursday, October 14 @ Pats in the flats w/ Black Cabbage, Dead Peasant Insurance, and I sing the body electric. apparently we have our first headlining gig since it is on a thursday! and….

The debut of our year old concept, but never executed record/tape/cd/crap project, “the record exchange” @ recycled rainbow 9, Oct. 16th…more info on that to come…

hello. part 63 Sept. 15th J SCOTT FRANKLINS FAREWELL SHOW…J Scott Franklin is bidding us a temporary farewell as he embarks on a 96 day tour across the country….come and see his last performance in cleveland for a while….cos he kicks more ass then a chuck norris movie. @ the All Go Signs Warehouse…..( ) 1935 W. 96th street. just off madison. this place is the shiznit…or something. J Scott Franklin Infinite Number of Sounds The Volta Sound Ethereal Transmission Thursday Club(????) sing it with me…”one of these bands does not belong…which one could it…be” this is super exciting and we are mucho honoured to be a part of this. Good luck, J Scott!

This show never happened…..sorta “the two minute men” wyatt of DPI + ryan annoying the most people ever at once… September 10th at the slick church venue of the midnight mixer( The location is Orthodox Cleveland – 6205 Detroit Ave (at the corner of West 64th and Detroit). ……doors @ 11…we go 11:30-12:30 . there are djs and lights and video stuff + a collage that everyone can participate in…..


FRIDAY August 20th …part 61…. ….in Kent @ Europe Gyro w/ Self Destruct Button + Dead Peasant Insurance + the MonoTones(from kent)+ some hardcore band from connecticut that i cant remember their name…this place delivers beer and cigarettes…they have to be cool!!!!!…actually they are not and we got kicked off…and we played w/ dead peasant insurance for the second time ever….

Part 58(w/EveryMan) July 9th@ the Asterisk Gallery in tremont. 2393 professor. doug meyer blessed us with his inflatable planetarium and modified crazy bikes. and we were joined by everyman for our performance. part 58……weird……

part 52 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2ND@ Pats In the Flats. jerk, realicide, ctrl+alt+del


SATURDAY, JUNE 19th, -DOUBLE HEADER: part 56 @Lakewood Public Library. 7pm Modern Arts Coalition’s variety series for the library being opened saturday nights. first one in the country, i believe. also performing: J. Scott Franklin ( -Kick ass…check him out),Chuck Fink, Comedian Josh Hunt and Thieveland…some type of rap group. should be interesting, as it will probably be an older crowd. AND….. we will be playing at the WCSB CasetteFestFest!@ Pats in the flats. part 55 also playing, Dolly’s Crotch, Neonatal Death, Love Spank, Dead Peasant Insurance, Pinheads, Black Cabbage, Harvey + Felix, Electric Grandmother. show starts at 3…we’re going on at 4:45. and in other hot news…it looks like we will definitey be on the “best of casettefest 2004” compilation that they put out at WCSB. they will be for sale at the show+also available as premiums for donations to the station in november. fun!

video piece…no “part” FRIDAY, JUNE 11th & SATURDAY JUNE 12th @ Pats in the Flats. 8pm-2am. we did a video feedback piece for steve barretts art show “oops i accidentally deleted 100 years of western culture”

May 24 part not so 51 @ rockwood open mic jamming on a farfisa for ten minutes….. there is also a secret “part 51 1/2” from later in the night….jamming on a big keybaord which we’ve yet to listened to…

FRIDAY, MAY 21, Pats in the Flats. part 50 EXPONENTIAL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2004. 8:30PMish. Headlining the show is NTX + Electric , The Button , last chance for the loneliest kitten, johnny la rock

April 24 @ The rockwood part 47 with black cabbage, dead peasant insurance

SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 9pm(?) part 46 @The Symposium in Lakewood(next to phantasy). w/bebop inferno + (?)

part 45 @ the edge lutheran art gallery FRIDAY, MARCH 26. (@The Edge: Lutheran Campus Ministry + Art Gallery. 8pm. 1844 Euclid Ave(Across from CSU) this was an interesting night. interesting in the fact that there were poets and folk singers all night until we came in with our “bag of tricks”. the folks were all friendly folks and were generous enough to take out 20 minutes of the schedule for us to set up our junk. our homeboys jumbo tron from pittsburgh were in town (to see wolf eyes…and us, of course-a “double header” if you will) and we brought in some other random crazies off the street making a “unique crowd” from the peoples perspectives. WE sold 3 cds! yay!

Part 44 In Bowling Green SATURDAY, MARCH 20 w/ Cotton Museum, Black Tent + N-Tron+George Viebranz AKA steve dracula…something something(its a long title but he is satisfied with steve dracula). lets just say we had “technical difficulties”…the house in which we were originally were supposed to play in had the landlord walk in while we were about 95% complete with set up. needless to say, this was a problem. about 50 college kids were scattered thruouth the house. someone was nice enough to offer to hold the rest of the “concert” in their place. so we scurried over there only to walk in on a completely naked person, screaming into a mic and beating a fisher price turntable stylus onto its bare platter. this was shocking indeed. we proceeded to hurry to setup, only to notice that the next performer got naked as well. people asked us” are you going to get naked also?” we replied no as we tried to plug things into eachother. we did not have enough time…we had nothing done, gear left all over, unplugged… but we tried to make the best with what we had…and that was some feedbackness. and we had to play out of a bass amp when we are used to stereophonic sound…some people thought we were the best of the night….others(perhaps performers) thought we “had way too much gear”….and “lacked a visible penis”. it was one of the most fucked up nights ever……………….you dont even want to know…

Part 43 March 8th, 2004 @ open mic @ the rockwood(lakewood) so we decided we were gonna try the open mic thing. brian brought only a casio keyboard. no effect pedals. hmm, thats pretty different. i came with my guitar and a bag of FX pedals. a very light load. the kid who was letting “everyone” use his amp, decided to pack things up while we were setting up so we ended up just using my little mini boombox that i brought to record the set. oh it didnt matter though, it was plenty loud. we played for about twenty or twenty five minutes…to critical acclaim.

February 12, 2004 Part 42 about 3AM -4:30AM On WCSB for the program Frequency Modulation: our true love. we finally got our chance to get on Betty Crocker’s show and meet the man behind the air signal. it was a great time and he is a super cool dude. we definitely suprised him with our loads of crap, having about twice what he thought we would have. took a while to setup, nothing terribly new for us. he was definitely saying “are you guys ready yet?” over the air-making us look bad in front of all our fans. this was the debut of the dual guitar action for us + there were also two different recordings made-one of just us thru the board and one that went on the air in which B.C. mixed over. good times.

January 17, 2004 Part 39 @ Recycled Rainbow 7.5 every man, “suggested” a more quiet set for this one, but …when we get carried away with something, there is no stopping us. a cd with samples was created, complete with blank tracks. the cd player was put on random so essentially the samples played at random. of course, it was started recording before we were ready so we just kinda went into things and didnt remember to play the cd until like 19 minutes into it, or something. more of that mostly keyboard-less thursday club sound. also available in the “special edition” that aired on press the button the following week.

December 15/16, 2003 Part 34 On the Noize Rotation, WCSB 89.3 feima, a host of the noize rotation was nice enough to have us on the noize rotation, wcsb’s long running noise show, which has since been cancelled. sucks for us cos she was gonna have us back next time. oh well. the show was pretty different as we played barely any keyboards at all. long droning tones and static were abundant as we played for about an hour on the floor of the wcsb studio. this was our first appearance on WCSB. RIP noize rotation. this was also the debut of the 12 channel mixer to ease our stressed out selves. since then we have acquired 2 more to ease things that much more.

December 14, 2003 WRUW 91.1 On Press the Button-Part 33 the idea was simple. “lets have thursday club play OVER the set they did friday night at the asterisk. yeah, sounds simple, but could we handle that and also hear what we are doing today? well, it was scrapped and we just ended up performing with just the kids in the studio for the most part. the second hour consisted almost exclusively of two leap pads (childrens learning toys) being played at the same time. good stuff. the third hour was the most collaborative hour with every man and glacial 23 finally having more free time after filing records a good portion of the night. “you guys look like you are taking care of things alright”

December 12, 2003. -Part 32 Asterisk Gallery in tremont. well, this was a whole night of thursday club. 4 hours plus, although we were supposed to do five. it of course is not shocking that we took to long to set up. “grandmaster” every man of press the button manned the boards for this one, so we got to perform with an extra set of hands. and what crafty ones these were, of course. panning and volume fades galore, which of course can make way for some pretty confused thursday clubbers when their sound cuts out, or, perhaps gets completely fucked with by the time it came out the speakers. i know brian was pretty suprised by some of the sounds his guitar was making….a good time. it has still to be chopped up for release/mp3 purposes. but it definitely is a memorable part of the thursday club vault. oh and some good pictures were taken there, which we have been handing out with discs lately. a fun picture with all goodies in tact…for the most part.

December 6, 2003. Thursday Club: part 31 LoveSpank The Potato Bugs The Alligators ______________ what a line up. lucky us. this is the all csu student lineup, as people from every band attend CSU and know eachother and some even live with eachother (neil from potato bugs and joe from alligators) we got hooked up with this thru our friend neil who needed an opener. he didnt know what he was getting into. they are all hard rock/ punk bands so it was a lil weird…mostly for the confused people attending who got there the earliest…. it went, eh , as expected i guess, maybe a lil better. like one girl in the audience liked us…someone came up to us after and kept telling us we were the worst band in the world. to which i replied “nu uh. i think yr being sarcastic. i think you like us” and “look at me buddy, im a professional musician…you dont think i can take this” well, in the area where it probably counts the most…the owner of the club, michelle i think is her name. she didnt like us. so thats probably not good. she said she is an art major. i told her we were probably closer to anti art. she said “i like anti art” . then she changed the subject. haha. oh well. i cant blame anyone who owns the speakers our music is coming out of for not liking us.

check out to download the entire set or sets of the other quality performers + there is some video POST RECYCLED RAINBOW 7 AND PRESS THE BUTTON this past weekend was a very hectic, insane, and just generally amazing one. with less than 24-hour notice, thursday club was offered + jumped on a chance to perform at the Recycled Rainbow 7 Friday night Fun Set Up “shindig.” We did over two hours of fun sounds that were broadcast throughout the house. Unfortunately many of the arriving travellers had came from afar + were not fully energized after there long car rides/flights/trains/whatever to witness the hole “set” in all of its “glory”. of course the whole thing was recorded + is available on demand for anyone who wishes to hear it. it was a long night, which was only a slight hint at what the rest of the weekend had in store for us. Around six in the morning or so friday while trying to have some music in the cellar, Swoosh from Workeshoppe Radio Phonik had figured he would just take a more direct approach and play with the tuner, since we could not get records or cds to play. StAllio had his radio at hand as well( i dont know exactly who started fuzzin first-it was a very fuzzy night)But i grabbed the old shortwave and we started makin some beautiful static. I attempted to record a room recording to casette but unfortunately it was set to “dubbing” instead of Tape. so we did not get a room recording of the static performance, nor the thursday club set, much to my dismay. StAllio luckily busted out his MD recorder and we were recording to glorious digital stereo. Hopefully a copy of that shall find its way into my possession soon. PRESS THE BUTTON 10-20-03 Of course we were honored to come and perform on the legendary Press The Button program on WRUW. unfortunately, we were late arrivals-literally walking in the door 5 minutes before airtime. luckily the button folks are top notch when it comes to preperation + had their “shit together”. the special guests of the evening was workshoppe radio phonik from Tennessee, who host a radio program not too disimiliar from press the button with callers, etc. they are really on some crazy shit. check out links we will be linking to them very soon(by the time you read this). Stallio was in the studio with us as well. he hails from indiana-indianapolis, i believe. he gets ultra props from the club for being not only a general cool dude but ultra bonus points for having a concept record about cereal. special props to the ladies of the evening, Connie McCue and Your Girlfriend who kept truckin despite their long travels. we had such a good time with these folks and they are truly nice people who are amazingly talented. Perhaps this was only a slight hint at future goodness to come…. it was SUCH AN EXPERIENCE to meet/work with these people (and everyone at RR7 in general) we disected the wires and were soon in on the mix. It was truly a battle royale with each contributor constantly fighting for to be able to hear themselves. there is no doubt Monster clipping was occuring the whole night. let us be thankful for technology to take this and work with it. by the end of the night we had to work around our levels that were nowhere by opting to try new things and leave the equipment behind. i had to bust out my radio(which i was listening to the station to hear the mix) and went over to the booth and hopped over to glacial and his mic. some fun sounds quickly emerged from us. over and throw it on the AM and go deaf for that last bit of the show, not being able to hear what my comrades were doing. it was a crazy night + such a crazy crazy crazy crazy weekend weekend of many experiences that cannot be described in words. The BIGGEST thanks in the world go to Every Man, Dirt Goddess and Glacial-23 for letting us be a part of the events of this past weekend and inviting us, two “strangers” who are fans of a crazy radio program into their house and studio. and their hearts. it was truly mind blowing to the tenth degree. it is just so truly amazing that this stuff goes on folks, let alone practically in our backyards. The “truth” is out there folks. ryan 10-20 2:48 pm. PS i apologize if this is hard to read, i have not gotten too much sleep this weekend. but i would do it again tonight. pats show tiny summary: despite 3 unused pedals + failing equipment, the show was a moderate success with(hopefully) at least a satisfied “customer” or two. and prolly a bunch of people that were too wussed out to tell us that we sucked. Oh and a big F U goes out to the person that threw our cd in the parking lot. well, i guess they could have dropped it… but tell it to our face next time, sucka…cos im sure you come to our website. PATS UPDATE: so i guess the guy did actually throw our cd on the ground, but he also said that for twenty minutes we “rocked beautiful noise” or something like that. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. people.

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