2021: Thursday Club 20th Anniversary!!!

Hey, it’s been a while??

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the thursday club!   we will definitely have some (long overdue) updates, uploads, projects and new(!) material coming over the next months-along with an updating the archive of lots of these recordings i have been acquiring over the years.

now gigs….probably not but we are hopefully going to work on some type of streaming event

heres a couple older thursday club dittys to tide you over-these are from the tour split cd we did with fluxmonkey a few years back:

 “lets go to the mall”

Part 133 @ the RCN CAVE 11/11/12

enjoy and much love from our family to yours


PS I have been doing a (mostly music related) blog on the hive blockchain ( www.peakd.com/@quinnertronics ) where I have been uploading new jams, creations, videos, record recommendations, etc.  

the site is a decentralized blockchain with no owner that has different apps/games/projects/sites that are all built on the same system where you earn from your posts and actually own the content that you publish-no ads, no algorithms, no cen$or$hip -I see the great potential with that technology, it’s still relatively new thing, its just not exactly catered towards musicians yet-but i’ve seen some people doing really good with their art, photos, blogs etc. and they are constantly adding new projects- anyway check it out if yr into that kinda thing, its a bit complicated to grasp-but the future will definitely involve the tokenization of everything, so i’m trying to get in early-even though i’m way late to the party.  I’d say its time for all those evil social media sites to go the way of the dinosaurs. just my 1 and a half cents (inflation).

i, of course aint no professional financial advisor-but if i can create an account and make hundreds of dollars from it in 6 months with basically no friends or fans-if we all just switched over to this type of system and gave the support that we already give to friends and fans, it is a win-win and could help greatly with building communities, running them ourselves and even creating tokens for specific communities-keeping the money within the community-person A posts song, gets rewarded-then uses it to buy mp3 from person B. huge potential.  and for those people with 1000 followers or whatever-that could add up very quickly.  anyway, sorry if none of that makes sense, you can just ignore me!



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